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chocolat chaud et un jour d'automne...

Hello My Lovelies,

So autumn has arrived. The temperatures have dropped noticeably. Although the leaves have not yet decided to turn a magnificent shade of red and orange, a late summer breeze wafts through the streets of Zurich. Scarves are elegantly draped around the necks of the townspeople and there's a definite post-summer atmosphere to be felt. And, I must admit, the gloom of knowing there will probably not be any further warm & balmy summer nights spent drinking wine by the lake side has also settled upon me.

HOWEVER, the art of acceptance shall prevail by embracing the beauty of autumn and enjoying every bit of it. And I have started by wearing my favourite winter scarf, meeting up with my dear friend Esthi and ordering a chocolat chaud in one of Zurich’s lovely cafés.


So, my holidays have begun (HURRAY!) and I will be posting more frequently!

I have been using my Minolta XD7 a lot lately. So I've got lot's of photographs I would like to share with you.

Lots of Love (& hopefully sunshine...)

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