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music box: sunday mixtape.

Hello my Lovelies, 

What a chilly and overcast sunday. Perfect for pottering & enjoying some corresponding tunes. 
Here's a little mix to laze the day away.... 

Have a lovely sunday!


Photography: a tale of unnoticed treasures.

Hello hello,

Work has started, but I shall be doing my very best not to neglect this space. My joy of sharing all my little treasures with you is growing and I hope you are enjoying it as well.
 If you feel like sharing something with me (thoughts & ideas, pros & cons, anything...)please don't hesitate to leave a comment below the posts.
It would be great to see this little blog become a space where we can share everything that inspires us. And just imagine how valuable it is if we can be inspired by each other...

So this (somewhat random) post is about the unnoticed: the everyday, often trivial or casual beauty that is all around us, in every aspect of our lives, be it at work, at home, with our friends, in nature,  out on the streets...
The difficulties of finding those fleeting snatches of interest are usually caused by the fact that they like to play hide & seek: they are visible only for a few moments in unusual places.

I feel very lucky & abuzz with joy when I come across those inconsequential but interesting moments. Sometimes I try to seek them, squinting, focusing my eyes (& lens), willing myself to see past the obvious. And this is not meant in a judgmental way. The beauty I talk of is solely my very own personal perception of a moment or of matter.
Often I am forced to give up, unsatisfied, knowing that if I had taken the picture it would not have been sincere or true. But, every now & again, quite by chance, my patience is rewarded with an unexpected offering wanting to reveal itself to me. And so, the motivation to be patient, to linger & be surprised, is renewed. „Yes,“ I think, „I have let myself be consumed by the fascination of a brief sighting that, when captured, will never fade...



Happy in Venice: part 2.

So day two was all about venturing further out into the maze, with coffee & hot chocolate by one of the many canals, taking more photographs and visiting art exhibitions. We didn't visit the larger museums but discovered a few small ones instead. By chance, we walked past a museum that was currently showing a selection of Stanly Kubrick's photographical work. It was so interesting to see some of his work up close & to be inspired by his beautiful (often cinematic) way of portraying people & their lives. 

You might want to know if we actually went for a ride in a famous "Gondola"? Well, we didn't. It pretty much came down to the fact that a "large" tour on the canals ( aprox. 25 minutes, depending on "traffic") would have cost us 120 Euros (!!!). So instead, we took a normal ferry-gondola ( for 50 cents per person!) and crossed over to the other side of town for further new discoveries. The ferry wasn't as glamourous and we didn't have our own personal musicians on board, but, for 50 cents, that was quite alright with us! I must admit, I think I enjoyed it more. The canals are full of gondolas ( some with musicians on board, some without, big ones,smaller ones...) and although the gondolas themselves are very beautiful, and a ride would undoubtably allow the passengers to experience a unique view of the city, we decided to save the money and do some more walking instead. 
All in all, I am extremely happy & thankful we took this short but lovely trip to this great city. I loved it's lively spirit, it's faded but beautiful colours and we embraced it's crumbly charm. If you have not yet visited Venice, I can whole-heartedly recommend it! But remember to take a pair of shoes you can comfortably walk in for a day. And a map might be helpful (unless you are fearless! HA!).




Happy in Venice: part 1.

Hello my Lovelies, 

Back in town... 

Two glorious days spent in Venice - oh what a wonderful world to dive into and let yourself be enchanted by. 
Yes, ok: I can be a bit smoochy at times... and this trip was one of those times. I mean, walking through the gorgeous coble-stoned maze of charming little streets lined with enchanting, though crumbling, houses, crossing over the many ancient canals & bridges, hand in hand with someone you love is just a bit too fairytale-romantic. And so I'm sure you can understand what it must have felt like...

But apart from all the romantic billing and cooing, I was simply stunned by the city's architectural glory. The rundown state & fading façades of most of the houses give it that famous charm and yet it seems to be still evolving with it's age. The collision of modern influences with the old make the experience of this city even more interesting. I could have taken endless photographs (I did take a few as you can see...) but after the initial urge to photograph basically everything, I decided to just relax and enjoy looking, and simply taking it all in...

Well, we got there after a 6 & 1/2-hour train ride and set off to look for our hotel which was located somewhere in the middle of  all the hicklety pickelty houses and guess what: we got LOST!(The "who's-to-blame"-issue consequently caused us some mutual grumpiness...We got over it!) Rather a bit later than sooner we arrived at the hotel, dumped our bags, freshened up & set out again. Our only goal was to see what we could see...

The number of tourists was quite suffocating so we ended up fleeing the full restaurants, bought a delicious bottle of wine, grabbed some take-away pizza (from a place the wine-seller had recommended)and made our way down to the water near Piazza San Marco (as far from tourist-masses as possible). We sat on the promenade by the water looking out towards the sunset eating pizza & sipping red wine. It was perfect. 

Although Venice is not very big, you end up walking A LOT. The maze-like alleys and canals combined with the foreignness of the city make sure that your legs get very tired by the end of a day wandering about. So after a very satisfying gelato on the Ponte di Rialto, we strolled back to the hotel and crashed. 

It was a great day.





Yipeee!! I'm off on a very spontaneous trip to beautiful Venice. So excited! 

I'm taking my inventory of cameras. So I'll be back in two days with lot's to share. 

Take care & a presto! 



treasures for the tummy: red & green.

Hello Hello, 

Here's a post I've been wanting to share with you for quite a while but I just kept forgetting. Well, today I remembered. 

My boyfriend spent a couple of days in the Turkish countryside last month. Because of my exams, I was not able to join him. But he did manage to bring me back a glorious gift: Fresh from the garden, sun-grown, big and ripe tomatoes; some bright green, crispy peppers and, amongst all the vibrant reds & greens, just a few of the cutest little deep purple aubergines.

Now that's what I call ORGANIC! What a delight!  

I don't think I've ever tasted tomatoes quite like these. Grown & ripened in the hot Turkish sun, they tasted amazing. Not at all watery & flat like the ones I usually buy at a normal supermarket. Once I'd tasted these, I just knew I would never eat another tomato without comparing it to these. Pure deliciousness.
We made some great salads & dishes with these guys.

Talking about cooking, I want to share the following name with you: OTTOLENGHI
"Our food is familiar and straight forward, yet highly innovative." A slogan I took from their homepage. 

Now guys, if you enjoy cooking and eating creative & gorgeous food, OTTOLENGHI is a MUST TRY!!! I have both their cook books and, when it comes to the kitchen department, they are my most treasured items. I enjoy cooking occasionally and have fun once I get started but I am not a highly passionate cook and usually need to work myself up into a "Ok-get-your-act-together-and-COOK"-mood before- hand. OTTOLENGHI makes me wanna cook three meals a day, every day...... 
Whether you want to make an easy meal for two, or cook up a storm for a bunch of friends, OTTOLENGHI will not let you down. 
So go check out their homepage. Lots of their divine recipes are online.

much love, 


music box: Tom Waits.

Hello lovelies,
here's a lovely tune by a great man. 

Hope you had a nice weekend. À bientôt! 



Inspiration: alba yruela.

Here is some work of a young and very talented photographer I came across on one of my many hunts for inspiration. Alba Yruela. 

Her work is raw & capturing....

See more of her work on her website. Or her flickr photostream.



...of lakes & rivers.

I've been taking lot's of random photographs with my Minolta XD-7.
I've had it quite some time now and love playing around with it. Trying different films etc. Unfortunately most of my negatives are being digitalised, as we speak. But here are some I took the other day....

I like taking pictures of the lake & river. The blues ,greens & grays. The unpredictable movements of the water...
More to come...

Much love,


merry-go-round fantasy.

( My Fair Lady Medley by The Darling Madam Laura (Gavioli Carousel Organ))

Hello my lovelies, 

The purpose of this post is simply to express my love for merry-go-rounds. I have always had a childish weakness for them.
When I was small I even invented my own word for it – „gumbiyum“. And packed into that funny word was all my adoration, fascination and joy of a simple pleasure that is a merry-go-round. Even today they still delight me. 

This lovely merry-go-round has been running forEVER,and in summer/fall, it is located right in the middle of Zurich.
I do apologise to all of you who cannot understand this naive flair, but the whimsical aura of merry-go-rounds will always manage to charm me.

hurray hurray! ( Where's the candy floss? ) 



...dots & snap-shots...

Everybody, here's some fun!

Grab your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend(s), sibling(s) or anybody dear to you and come and join in! I believe this is one of the last old-school black & white photo booths by Schnellphoto AG in Zurich. Stop by and have some pure fun! Let yourself be reminded of the good old days when ALL your pocket money disappeared into the slot of these fabulous machines while squeezing yourself & probably four other friends into the booth. Waiting for the strip of photos to slide down the aperture, then looking at them (bursting out laughing!) and smelling that unforgetable eggy-smell of the developing process. The experience is still 1:1 the same!

Oh yeah!! I'm hoping they will keep this old-timer alive as long as possible. So don't waist time! There's a tone of original black & white fun to be had...



Wonderfully spooky...

Hello again!

So on a birthday present mission I decided to visit a little book shop that is full (and I mean FULL!!) of old and antique literature & books. It is owned by a little old man with milky spectacles who literally seems to be drowning in books that are stacked up to the ceiling.

I'd been in there before looking for an old book binding that I could turn into a poetry book for my dad. So I had a good feeling I would find just what I wanted!

I explained to the little old man what I was looking for and he disappeared downstairs. As I was standing amongst the mountains of books (and Roman figurines...) I heard him call to me, "Come on down! I think I might have something for you...". So I followed down the winding stairs (also stacked with books) into the basement. And I was AMAZED. This was an entirely new world I had just stepped into. An antique library. Beautiful. Dusty. And that intellectual untidiness you usually only see in period films.

The little old man led me to the music section. Shelf after shelf of music books (some surely hundreds of years old!!) stood before me. After showing me one or to he left me to browse...

I'm not sure how much time I spent down there. It must have been an hour at least! I could have gone on and on. I came across the most amazing things: entire books of handwritten music, beautiful illustrations from past eras, salon & dance music from the twenties, operas and and and... Oh, I wished I had had a piano right there and that I knew how to play these glorious tunes.


After realising time had flown and I needed to get on with my afternoon, I picked out my favourite discovery and went upstairs to pay. I was astounded when the dear old fellow only charged me 15.- swiss francs for the book "Schatz-Walzer“ by Johann Strauss I had chosen. I was delighted for I was full of inspiration and so glad that I had discovered that world of dusty treasures. I headed home. I have now successfully turned the music book into a photo album...

Lots of love,

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