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Everybody, here's some fun!

Grab your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend(s), sibling(s) or anybody dear to you and come and join in! I believe this is one of the last old-school black & white photo booths by Schnellphoto AG in Zurich. Stop by and have some pure fun! Let yourself be reminded of the good old days when ALL your pocket money disappeared into the slot of these fabulous machines while squeezing yourself & probably four other friends into the booth. Waiting for the strip of photos to slide down the aperture, then looking at them (bursting out laughing!) and smelling that unforgetable eggy-smell of the developing process. The experience is still 1:1 the same!

Oh yeah!! I'm hoping they will keep this old-timer alive as long as possible. So don't waist time! There's a tone of original black & white fun to be had...


esthi_haller  – (September 5, 2010 at 4:43 AM)  

Chéééérrriiieeee!!!! I love the way you described the great one-swis-franc-photo adventure :D LU!

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