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Happy in Venice: part 1.

Hello my Lovelies, 

Back in town... 

Two glorious days spent in Venice - oh what a wonderful world to dive into and let yourself be enchanted by. 
Yes, ok: I can be a bit smoochy at times... and this trip was one of those times. I mean, walking through the gorgeous coble-stoned maze of charming little streets lined with enchanting, though crumbling, houses, crossing over the many ancient canals & bridges, hand in hand with someone you love is just a bit too fairytale-romantic. And so I'm sure you can understand what it must have felt like...

But apart from all the romantic billing and cooing, I was simply stunned by the city's architectural glory. The rundown state & fading façades of most of the houses give it that famous charm and yet it seems to be still evolving with it's age. The collision of modern influences with the old make the experience of this city even more interesting. I could have taken endless photographs (I did take a few as you can see...) but after the initial urge to photograph basically everything, I decided to just relax and enjoy looking, and simply taking it all in...

Well, we got there after a 6 & 1/2-hour train ride and set off to look for our hotel which was located somewhere in the middle of  all the hicklety pickelty houses and guess what: we got LOST!(The "who's-to-blame"-issue consequently caused us some mutual grumpiness...We got over it!) Rather a bit later than sooner we arrived at the hotel, dumped our bags, freshened up & set out again. Our only goal was to see what we could see...

The number of tourists was quite suffocating so we ended up fleeing the full restaurants, bought a delicious bottle of wine, grabbed some take-away pizza (from a place the wine-seller had recommended)and made our way down to the water near Piazza San Marco (as far from tourist-masses as possible). We sat on the promenade by the water looking out towards the sunset eating pizza & sipping red wine. It was perfect. 

Although Venice is not very big, you end up walking A LOT. The maze-like alleys and canals combined with the foreignness of the city make sure that your legs get very tired by the end of a day wandering about. So after a very satisfying gelato on the Ponte di Rialto, we strolled back to the hotel and crashed. 

It was a great day.



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