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Happy in Venice: part 2.

So day two was all about venturing further out into the maze, with coffee & hot chocolate by one of the many canals, taking more photographs and visiting art exhibitions. We didn't visit the larger museums but discovered a few small ones instead. By chance, we walked past a museum that was currently showing a selection of Stanly Kubrick's photographical work. It was so interesting to see some of his work up close & to be inspired by his beautiful (often cinematic) way of portraying people & their lives. 

You might want to know if we actually went for a ride in a famous "Gondola"? Well, we didn't. It pretty much came down to the fact that a "large" tour on the canals ( aprox. 25 minutes, depending on "traffic") would have cost us 120 Euros (!!!). So instead, we took a normal ferry-gondola ( for 50 cents per person!) and crossed over to the other side of town for further new discoveries. The ferry wasn't as glamourous and we didn't have our own personal musicians on board, but, for 50 cents, that was quite alright with us! I must admit, I think I enjoyed it more. The canals are full of gondolas ( some with musicians on board, some without, big ones,smaller ones...) and although the gondolas themselves are very beautiful, and a ride would undoubtably allow the passengers to experience a unique view of the city, we decided to save the money and do some more walking instead. 
All in all, I am extremely happy & thankful we took this short but lovely trip to this great city. I loved it's lively spirit, it's faded but beautiful colours and we embraced it's crumbly charm. If you have not yet visited Venice, I can whole-heartedly recommend it! But remember to take a pair of shoes you can comfortably walk in for a day. And a map might be helpful (unless you are fearless! HA!).



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