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merry-go-round fantasy.

( My Fair Lady Medley by The Darling Madam Laura (Gavioli Carousel Organ))

Hello my lovelies, 

The purpose of this post is simply to express my love for merry-go-rounds. I have always had a childish weakness for them.
When I was small I even invented my own word for it – „gumbiyum“. And packed into that funny word was all my adoration, fascination and joy of a simple pleasure that is a merry-go-round. Even today they still delight me. 

This lovely merry-go-round has been running forEVER,and in summer/fall, it is located right in the middle of Zurich.
I do apologise to all of you who cannot understand this naive flair, but the whimsical aura of merry-go-rounds will always manage to charm me.

hurray hurray! ( Where's the candy floss? ) 


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