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Photography: a tale of unnoticed treasures.

Hello hello,

Work has started, but I shall be doing my very best not to neglect this space. My joy of sharing all my little treasures with you is growing and I hope you are enjoying it as well.
 If you feel like sharing something with me (thoughts & ideas, pros & cons, anything...)please don't hesitate to leave a comment below the posts.
It would be great to see this little blog become a space where we can share everything that inspires us. And just imagine how valuable it is if we can be inspired by each other...

So this (somewhat random) post is about the unnoticed: the everyday, often trivial or casual beauty that is all around us, in every aspect of our lives, be it at work, at home, with our friends, in nature,  out on the streets...
The difficulties of finding those fleeting snatches of interest are usually caused by the fact that they like to play hide & seek: they are visible only for a few moments in unusual places.

I feel very lucky & abuzz with joy when I come across those inconsequential but interesting moments. Sometimes I try to seek them, squinting, focusing my eyes (& lens), willing myself to see past the obvious. And this is not meant in a judgmental way. The beauty I talk of is solely my very own personal perception of a moment or of matter.
Often I am forced to give up, unsatisfied, knowing that if I had taken the picture it would not have been sincere or true. But, every now & again, quite by chance, my patience is rewarded with an unexpected offering wanting to reveal itself to me. And so, the motivation to be patient, to linger & be surprised, is renewed. „Yes,“ I think, „I have let myself be consumed by the fascination of a brief sighting that, when captured, will never fade...


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