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treasures for the tummy: red & green.

Hello Hello, 

Here's a post I've been wanting to share with you for quite a while but I just kept forgetting. Well, today I remembered. 

My boyfriend spent a couple of days in the Turkish countryside last month. Because of my exams, I was not able to join him. But he did manage to bring me back a glorious gift: Fresh from the garden, sun-grown, big and ripe tomatoes; some bright green, crispy peppers and, amongst all the vibrant reds & greens, just a few of the cutest little deep purple aubergines.

Now that's what I call ORGANIC! What a delight!  

I don't think I've ever tasted tomatoes quite like these. Grown & ripened in the hot Turkish sun, they tasted amazing. Not at all watery & flat like the ones I usually buy at a normal supermarket. Once I'd tasted these, I just knew I would never eat another tomato without comparing it to these. Pure deliciousness.
We made some great salads & dishes with these guys.

Talking about cooking, I want to share the following name with you: OTTOLENGHI
"Our food is familiar and straight forward, yet highly innovative." A slogan I took from their homepage. 

Now guys, if you enjoy cooking and eating creative & gorgeous food, OTTOLENGHI is a MUST TRY!!! I have both their cook books and, when it comes to the kitchen department, they are my most treasured items. I enjoy cooking occasionally and have fun once I get started but I am not a highly passionate cook and usually need to work myself up into a "Ok-get-your-act-together-and-COOK"-mood before- hand. OTTOLENGHI makes me wanna cook three meals a day, every day...... 
Whether you want to make an easy meal for two, or cook up a storm for a bunch of friends, OTTOLENGHI will not let you down. 
So go check out their homepage. Lots of their divine recipes are online.

much love, 

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