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Wonderfully spooky...

Hello again!

So on a birthday present mission I decided to visit a little book shop that is full (and I mean FULL!!) of old and antique literature & books. It is owned by a little old man with milky spectacles who literally seems to be drowning in books that are stacked up to the ceiling.

I'd been in there before looking for an old book binding that I could turn into a poetry book for my dad. So I had a good feeling I would find just what I wanted!

I explained to the little old man what I was looking for and he disappeared downstairs. As I was standing amongst the mountains of books (and Roman figurines...) I heard him call to me, "Come on down! I think I might have something for you...". So I followed down the winding stairs (also stacked with books) into the basement. And I was AMAZED. This was an entirely new world I had just stepped into. An antique library. Beautiful. Dusty. And that intellectual untidiness you usually only see in period films.

The little old man led me to the music section. Shelf after shelf of music books (some surely hundreds of years old!!) stood before me. After showing me one or to he left me to browse...

I'm not sure how much time I spent down there. It must have been an hour at least! I could have gone on and on. I came across the most amazing things: entire books of handwritten music, beautiful illustrations from past eras, salon & dance music from the twenties, operas and and and... Oh, I wished I had had a piano right there and that I knew how to play these glorious tunes.


After realising time had flown and I needed to get on with my afternoon, I picked out my favourite discovery and went upstairs to pay. I was astounded when the dear old fellow only charged me 15.- swiss francs for the book "Schatz-Walzer“ by Johann Strauss I had chosen. I was delighted for I was full of inspiration and so glad that I had discovered that world of dusty treasures. I headed home. I have now successfully turned the music book into a photo album...

Lots of love,

CMK –   – (September 2, 2010 at 12:49 PM)  

That shop just sounds like a fairytale!
How inspiring it seems to be!
Love the way you describe the shop and the picturers are wonderful!

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