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Inspiration: yellow bird project.

Hello Lovelies,

Recently I stumbled across a very cool (nonprofit) collaboration of creative minds: "The Yellow Bird Project"

My curiosity was immediately awakened and I started browsing through their homepage.

Here’s a quote from their homepage that pretty much sums up the philosophy behind this very very cool project:

„You can think of us as a tree of creativity, with branches joining together indie musicians, charitable organizations, and t-shirts with a fashionable punch.“

I am familiar with lots of the previously involved bands, so it was very reassuring to see them teaming up with such a great project. And the result of this creative mingling that combines the art of (indie) music and design is clearly evident! I love the shirts!! 

(Images via http://www.yellowbirdproject.com/)

And apart from delighting us with ultracool shirts, the project is on a very meaningful mission. Here is another outtake from their homepage: 

"The mission:
  1. To raise money for charities directly through the barter and trade of our fab tee-shirts. Unfortunately we no longer accept goats; money proved to be an easier currency to store.
  2. To raise awareness for charity organizations and their aims through artists’ endorsement. YBP is a very different venue for these charities. It brings in a lot of younger people and encourages philanthropy from treble and bass clefts. It is definitely more work to have multiple charities, rather than one fund, but we think it allows the artists to pick something that is truly important to them.
  3. To raise the profile of artists we like. We by no means want to or presume to have the ability to make artists into marketed machines and different versions of Ms. Spears, but we want to help raise their profiles and get them the attention that they deserve. We hope YBP can in some way help artists and music to prosper, and in turn help those less fortunate."

Each shirt has an "About the charity.."-description section where the buyer can read about the array of charity the artist has chosen to donate the proceeds of each purchase to.

So I think I know where my next t-shirt will be purchased from.
And it will be money well spent...
(Images via http://www.yellowbirdproject.com/)

Go have a peek!


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