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Photography: the ballerina project.

Hello hello, 

here's a post dedicated to the art and grace of ballet. I am not a dancer (although as a little girl I was always going to become a beautiful ballerina and dance my way through life, never taking my pink tip-toe dancing shoes off...).
But I do consider myself a great admirer of dancing, be it contemporary, ballroom, exotic or classical ballet. I think it's a stunning way of expressing any form of emotion, by using the human body as a tool or vessel to do so. 

So, when I stumbled across the following project, I was fascinated at once for it combines the art of dancing, photography and fashion all in one. It’s set against the backdrop of a vast city: NYC.
It’s called: The Ballerina Project.  

"The Ballerina Project grew from the idea of New York City as a magnet for creativity; each photograph is a collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photography played out against the city's landscape."  

(All images via http://ballerinaproject.tumblr.com/)

Just a small selection of out-takes. What an interesting and beautiful way of portraying ballet! I like how the delicate and surreal aura of the dancers is set to be a contrast to all the different realities of the city . It works so well.

I believe it's a continuous project and, as such, I very much hope for more photographs in the future. You can find the complete series on the website.
How enchanting it is! And on a more childish note, it reminds me of how much I love tutu's. Always have, always will....

much love,

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