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Photography: betwixt days, hours & minutes.

Hi Lovelies, 

So I'm finally managing to post some of my own photographs. They're some snaps I took after, before or on my way to work i.e.  they are all very spontaneous shots. I took them with my Zeiss Ikon contina/prontor-svs & my "black toy camera" I carry in my bag everywhere. I call it this because it's black,  made out of plastic and I have simply no idea what brand it is. What I do know is that it has a Hakinon lens, 38mm f/4 and was "made in Hong Kong". I found it at a thrift store in a box full of junk and was so surprised for it seemed to work & was in clean condition. So for CHF.3.- I just bought it. No risk, no fun. Turns out it's all fun. I used 100 ASA Fujicolor film for these. 

This is one I took back in Venice. Not quite sure what happened to the film while taking it but I don't mind the effect...

More films are being developed & are in progress. Hoping to share them with you soon. 


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