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Photography: Jacinta Moore.

Hello Monday!!

Well I've got another photographer I just need to tell you about: Jacinta Moore! Her photgraphs are magic & I adore them. Can't put it any other way. She's an Aussie lady, has a delightful little puppy (a favorite subject I believe...), and has a way of capturing life that just fascinates me. Her travels, delicious looking (and most certainly delicious tasting) cooking and surroundings are photographed in such a lively way. So, as the lucky viewer, I get carried away on a colorful and vibrant journey...
Do you remember this post I did? Well, Jacinta took part in the wonderful 10/10-project.
What a talented lady she is...

Ok, I have to stop here! I could post at least one hundred more of her photographs! They are just so great! So, please go and have a look at her lovely blog! It's a visual delight!

much love, 

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