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A quick pre- new year's eve polish.


As you might have noticed, home.town.treasure has had a little polish up. You know that feeling when you're at home looking around and the sudden urge to rearrange EVERYTHING hits you and there's just no stopping it. Well, this was sort of like that...  I enjoy rearranging A LOT! So I'm also guessing this won't be the last change on my blog. The main reason I changed my old layout was the lack of space. I could only post my pictures in a (for my taste) too small a format. I've changed that now. 

Ok, secondly, I've finally managed to get my little etsy shop set up. Etsy is just too wonderful to be true. It's easy for the seller & the buyer. All you need to do is set up a log-in and you’re all set and ready to go. And considering all the wondrous things for sale on etsy, setting up an account seems like a very good idea!
I would love you to stop by my shop and have a look around. 

I wish for you that the last few days in 2010 are joyous ones. Snow has turned Zurich into a city with powdered white rooftops and I have just received a new load of films. I'll be off frolicking about in the snow as soon as possible, snapping away as much as I can. 

much love, 

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