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Wardrobe treasures: etsy, je t'aime. part III.

Hello My Lovelies,

Oh dear, it's been a while again since my last post. Well, I'll just blame the snow! Winter has paid Zurich a visit. And it has been the perfect excuse for getting preoccupied with wintery & christmasy things to do: long walks in snowy forests, baking, eating cheese fondue and watching movies all rugged up in the quilt my mum made me & sipping tea. 
And when it gets too cold outside, I've been up to (too much) browsing around in the ever-amazing etsy-sphere, taking in all the wonderful things… I simply can’t get  enough of etsy...... 

So, here's part three of my etsy-must-see list


 To visit the shop: click here

d the black strap c

To visit the shop: click here!


To visit the shop: click here!

d fleurs de lune c

 To visit the shop: click here!

d to be continued c

much love,

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