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Inspiration: PET is fashion.

OK. One thing I am very proud of in Switzerland is our recycling systems. We Swiss like to recycle our waste products and we are good at it. The cool part is that recycling has become a very urban thing to cultivate. And it's easy. But did you know that recycling can be fashionable as well? Well it can. By recycling a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle, for instance, you are supporting a very diverse production of goods that reuse PET, for example, for manufacturing clothes.
Here's how it's done...

How about that? 
I came across a very interesting project. It's the anual photo10 exhibition in Zurich (which I will be going to!!) and in connection with this event, PET launched a series of fashion shoots called "PET is fashion" : 13 fashion photographers have listed their interpretation of fashion and recyclable plastic bottles.

I think the results are very interesting & fun! Have a look here!
So, let's all keep our recycling going & know that there is a lot of creativity being nourished by doing so. And of course, helping to make our single planet a little bit cleaner! 


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