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music box: People Press Play.


These days are moving fast ahead
And one more day like this
Could change everything that we
Ever thought would keep these days


Here's a catchy tune by "People Press Play" for you. . I've been dancing around the flat to this lately. I just adore the "floaty" sound! The video is so cute & playful! And what a coincidence it's all about kids flying kites. Because that’s something I've promised myself I would do this year. It's something I have never done! Can you imagine? I have never held onto a kite string and watched it dance high above me. I just think it must be so much fun and pretty to look at set against a blue sky. And it's such a timeless toy. So I guess my kite-première will be in Sydney. Maybe on the beach? Well, we will see...! Hurray! 


P.s How sweet is the part where the boy with the fishing rod looks like he's pulling the other boy on water skies through the water? 

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