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Photography: Vivian Maier.

Hello all,

So here's an extraordinary story for you to start the New Year with. It's about an inconspicuous nanny, Vivian Maier,  who lived & worked in NYC and Paris. But what nobody anticipated at the time was that she was an amazingly talented (street) photographer. I came across her story via the lovely blog Diana Mini LOVE. And I was taken aback by her beautiful work.

Here's the complete & astonishing story...


Apart from being massively impressed by the photographs which portrait the street life of her time in such an honest, powerful and yet delicate way, I was just overwhelmed by the AMOUNT of photographs / negatives she produced. Can you believe it? And all those undeveloped rolls of film....!? Well, If that doesn't turn out to be a "gold mine”, as they suggest in the documentary, I would be greatly amazed. And disappointed. I would visit an exhibition of her work any day! 

You can find more information & photographs on her website or blog

much love, 

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