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Photography: white sceneries II.

Here are some shots from Christmas that I spent with my family. They live higher up than the city in a little town called Hirzel. In winter, Hirzel is usually covered in a thick layer of snow. It's quite amazing what a difference a few more meters of altitude make to the weather & the snow fall and how the air is much fresher up higher. This year we did have a completely white christmas. It was magical. 
When I'm up there I never miss the chance to go for long walks in the hills. The weather was freezing & the thick layer of fog drowned out any nearby sounds while we were walking. We could only hear our own crunching footsteps on the snow & ice. I love the purple-ish light when it snows and it's misty. 

As you can see from the photographs there are many big Linden trees around Hirzel. In fact, many of Hirzel's views are characterized by these majestic & beautiful trees. If you look out towards the hilly countryside from one of Hirzel's many viewing points, you will see lovely rolling hills that are crowned by individual Linden trees. As my parents explained to me, these trees were planted as so- called "remembrance trees". For example: A family would plant a Linden tree on a hill top after the birth of a child. A beautiful tradition. And today Hirzel is blessed with many wonderful old Linden trees you can sit under and enjoy the view. 




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