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Photography: Winter walks II.

I adore Zurich's old town. I love wandering through it, pretending I'm some weird (Australian) tourist snapping away with her Zenit-B camera. HA! And to my own surprise, I usually always see new things in streets I've walked down many times before. So I don't mind looking like a lost tourist.

When I went for a walk in the Niederdorf on Saturday, I was rather amazed that there were so many people out and about with their digital cameras. I didn't cotton on till later in the day that the local photography competition had been taking place that day. The challenge was to photograph Zurich in a fresh & creative way and then upload the photos so that the public could choose a winner via online voting. Anybody could join in, both pro & amateur photographers. Well I missed out. I could not have joined in anyway as I am currently only shooting film. So it would've been impossible for me to enter my shots within the time limit of 24 hours. I wasn't sad. There were so many entries. 

Here are some shots I took that day.

. . .

. . .

. . .


Anonymous –   – (January 20, 2011 at 6:57 AM)  

Very interesting shots. Like them a lot.

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