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a bouquet of joy.

Hello Lovelies, 

Yesterday morning I set out on my bicycle to run some errands before work. On my way home I stopped by a small Saturday flower & food market in the city. The vendors were shouting that everything was reduced to half price and they certainly caught my attention. One kind man was offering the morning's flower leftovers at a reduced price. When I saw the darling blossoms, I could not help myself! I told him to bundle up pretty much every last flower that was left. And with joy in my heart, I loaded the flowers into my bicycle basket and headed off home. I don't think I have EVER treated myself to such an amazing bouquet of flowers...!


Their scent is heavenly! The vendor told me that they can all be dried and kept.  I will be doing so, too!  But the loveliest effect the flowers are having on me is that every time I look at them, I feel re-vitalized. They are a constant reminder that flowery & colorful times lie ahead, quite literally.


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