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Berlin I.

Hello Lovelies,

Ich bin zurück aus Berlin! My four day trip was a true success in every way... The result is that I have fallen madly in love with pretty much everything about this city.
Where to begin? Well,  from what I have experienced, I think Berlin's most wonderful quality is this vibrant positive energy that seems to pulsate through the city's veins. It's highly contagious and it clearly takes many (sometimes rather mysterious)  shapes and forms: from the friendly people you meet in cafes and stores to the ruinous buildings that have been renovated by young artists in true DIY fashion, across the many play grounds and cobble stone squares where children's laughter fills the air, right to the beating heart of the art scene that is blossoming just around every crumbling corner, waiting to be explored by courageous adventurers.... the list  could go on for a long while yet...! 

Also from a tourist's perspective I was fascinated by the wealth of history that is marked in the city's streets and is ever present all around.

We stayed at a small furnished apartment right on the border to Prenzlauer Berg (which turns out to be my favorite part of Berlin so far!!).  What a great idea! The location was perfect.  Renting a small place like that avoids the generic-big-city-hotel-feeling which is somewhat unromantic and instead lets you experience the place in a very real and hands-on way.

So, Day One was spent walking for hours, exploring and getting a feel for where we were and what we wanted to do with our time. However, once we started discovering some of the yummiest & most lovely cafe's & restaurants ever on this extensive walking tour of ours, the plans slowly but surely began to adjust accordingly! If truth be told,  we actually "ate & drunk our way" around Berlin more often than not. In fact, I admit to making it my personal mission to find the best Chai Latte in town...let me just say, the competition was stiff!

Below are the first batch of digital shots I took. I must note that I was not entirely happy with my rather meek photographical stamina. I often had to remind myself to take a picture of what I was so busy enjoying at the time, such as holding hands in parks ( aaaww, yes I know: just a tad cheesy! Do forgive me! ) or, as I already mentioned, gleefully eating & drinking!


Now, I MUST get my act together and do what needs to be done before next Tuesday ( departure day!) 
More digital & analog photographs of Berlin to come! 

much love, 

Laruemarie  – (March 29, 2011 at 6:58 AM)  

Berlin, mire meinig noch die tollst Stadt vo Dütschland, bi selber jedes johr mind. 1 mol döt. Mis grossmami isch ursprünglich us Berlin.

... ach ich liebs eifach und wahnsinnig, wahnsinnig tolli Bilder

Tara Dale / home.town.treasure.  – (March 29, 2011 at 8:15 AM)  

Hi Lauremarie!
Ja berlin is' der Knüller!
Es wird mich in Zukunft hoffentlich noch oft dorthin verschlagen!
Du glückliche du! 1x im jahr hätt ichs auch gern! ;)
Freut mich das die Bilder gefallen!


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