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Berlin II.

Well, day two was spent doing more walking & some more walking & hence, a healthy dose of exploring. We wandered quite aimlessly and came across some more cafes ( & Chai Lattes, yes please! ) and also stumbled upon some very significant landmarks such as the Holocaust Memorial, which was a humbling and gravely profound experience. The impact of it - its appearance along our journey, quite unannounced and without premeditation - continues to resonate. 

Museums and galleries were also on this invisible itinerary of ours...
I had checked the locations of some old black & white photo booths before we left and we finally found one towards the evening. Yes, as always, it was good fun even tough our legs were very sore by then  to say the least. Time for more good food, wine & bed! 



Laruemarie  – (March 30, 2011 at 3:06 AM)  

oh wie geil, i wot so fotoautomate wieder ide schwiz!!

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