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the botanic garden I.

Hello Lovelies, 

Can you feel it too? The glorious aura of spring approaching! 
I had a sleepover at my mum's on sunday. That always means a complete spoiling for me. After a marvelous dinner she whipped up, I spent an hour in the bath tub soaking off all the stress & and strain that has accumulated over the past weeks. I turned into a prune! But a very happy & relaxed one. I don't think I've ever fallen asleep faster! 

I woke to a beautiful day on monday. And after my mum's scrumptious pancakes for breakfast, we headed out to get the most out of the day. I felt like spending my day outside. The sun was wonderfully warm. 
So I decided to take a smallish day trip to the botanic gardens of Zurich. That turned out to be a great idea. 
Obviously, being so early into the new year, there were not many flowers or plants in bloom. Winter has not yet fully gone... And sadly, the green houses were closed for maintenance. However, strolling about the grass and flower patches was as delightful as ever. 
When I came across a vibrant patch of a certain type of lavender, I think it was,  I felt at peace with EVERYTHING. And I could barely believe that there were hundreds of bees busying themselves with collecting pre-spring nectar! Oh the bliss...


I had my Zenit-B and Canon EOS with me and was snapping away, when I suddenly had the idea to make some (hand-held!) videos. Well, I had some fun I'm telling you. Old ladies and kids stopped and watched while I climbed, jumped and lay in the (cold) grass during the process of making at least 20 short videos. I just smiled & greeted them. I was loving life! 
I by no means have quality movie-editing equipment. I cut it together very simply using the standard iMovie program...
So, here's the result. I hope you enjoy it...! 


I've started my own Vimeo channel. You can find the video there as well of course!
I hope your week got off to a cheerful start. After all, spring is almost here! 

much love,

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