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maison blunt

Hello Lovelies,

with time running out and so much to do before I leave, I'm starting to get a tiny bit nervous. What better way to cure that uncomfortable wobbly-tummy-feeling than to have a fun evening with the ladies!
We started off at the last black&white photo booth in Zurich. You might remember it from this postAnd while it was so cold outside, we all kept wonderfully warm, happily squashed into the tiny booth, laughing out loud! Oh it's timeless fun! 

Ready to brave the weather and our tummies a-rumbling, we then move on to an ultra great & yummy moroccan / oriental restaurant and tearoom  : Masion Blunt
For all you Zurich-folks -it's a must-visit! Set in a great location and with a very cosy & lovely ambiente Maison Blunt offers at least 1001 delicious oriental & organic specialties and the best Chai Latte I have ever tasted. 


So here I am,  still facing the mountain of pre-departure chores & to-do lists... however, they will have to wait (again!) for my boyfriend and I are jetting off to Berlin for a couple of days tomorrow. Yay. 
I will be taking lot's of film - of course!


Sabrina  – (March 23, 2011 at 6:10 AM)  

Oooh ich lieebe Maison Blunt und hätte sogar noch einen Gutschein, sollt ich mal einlösen!

Und deine Haare sind auch ganz wundervoll!

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