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Au revoir!

So this it it! My plane leaves tonight and I will be arriving in Sydney on the 7th! HERE I GOOOOOOOO! 
It might be a little while until I can actually post again.  Therefore bare with me as I shall be back as soon as I have unpacked, grabbed my camera and taken some wild & free-spirited snaps at the (I can't believe I'm writing this...)  BEACH! Sounds very promising, no?! Oh it sure does to me!

But in the meantime I will leave you with this little clip I put together. I was given a beautiful sky ballon by my dear friends Esthi & Sonja as a going-away present. A while back I had mentioned to them how much I would love to one day be able to let a sky ballon fly. The idea of attaching a wish, hope or dream to the ballon and releasing it to carry those wishes up into the sky is so beautiful to me. And so Esthi & Sonja, being the darlings that they are, made that wish come true for me...It was beautiful! THANKY YOU LADIES!!

Take care lovelies!


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