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Berlin IV.

Sunday is flea marked day. I was delighted to find that this is also true in Berlin! We decided to head for one of the large ones: Flohmarkt am Mauerpark

Well, I have never experienced a flea market of such tremendous magnitude. I can't put it any other way. The site is huge! And the stalls are seemingly endless. Welcome to The Happy Knick Knackers Vintage Nirvana! You could easily spend a whole day rummaging through mountains of totally fabulous, absurd and utterly cool "stuff" and be quite happy. I am proud to say that due to my self-imposed and total shopping-ban I calmly kept my thrifter's mittens tucked warmly into my pockets and practiced true and committed restraint. I spent the day simply taking in all the impressions and marveling at the "amazingness" of this second hand extravaganza... If, by chance, you were to hear any rumors that  I may have broken this steadfast no-shopping law when I laid eyes on "japan tote bag" printed by students who were donating all proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross, you can either choose to believe them or not. 
However, if you do, please also consider the extenuating circumstances of the possible offense and the greater outcome of the purchase in question...

After an hour we were famished, as we had not had any breakfast. So, what a joy it was when we came across  a funky-spunky trailer that made VEGAN food! Yes please! It was run by a lovely elderly aussie (!) guy who kept us all entertained with hits from the 60ties while we waited for our burgers... which incidentally were awesome! I'll have one of those any day & i'll be happy! Yes. I promise! Just as long as it's made by a loopy ex-pat from oz...in a bopping flower power van...on a glorious sunday...in Berlin...! Simple! 

Although we had intended to get the markets early, we ended up sleeping in and therefore only arrived around lunch time. It was already quite busy when we got there but by the time we left about two and a half hours later the place was completely packed due to the  steady flow of people pilgrimaging down the main street to the site. Who could blame them? The sun was shining and so the Berliners took to mingling in their forum... Good vibrations!

(Let me comment on the last photograph: Just a weird lady working the shoes against the cobble stoned street. I do try to get it JUST right...! HA! )



P.S This also happens to be post Nr. ONE HUNDRED! So, I'm secretly humming a little "happy-100th-blog-post"-tune. It's been a fantastic experience so far! I'll toast to THE FUTURE and would also like to extend a big... 
... to all of you for being so kind & supportive of me & my little blog! I do hope we will continue to evolve together in the great & wonderful blog-sphere... 

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