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So let the adventure begin..

Hello Lovelies, 

It's me!! Posting from fantastico Sydney in my new flat, in my new kitchen, in my new life! What a   b l a s t! 
Since arriving here, I've been floating in and out of days cushioned by a happy bubble. My daily activities consist of trips to the Salvation Army, Ikea, eating glorious food (mostly cooked by my oh so wonderful sister who can create pure magic in the kitchen!), drinking fresh juice, chai latte (the quest of discovering the best chai shall be continued!),  morning sleep-ins, decorating and making ourselves at home. 
At this point, my being here still feels rather odd...like an extended holiday with bits of reality that arise from living in a new country popping up here and there: getting a new phone plan, opening a bank account etc. Also, thinking about a new job which has been causing me just a hint of anxiety as it is the ultimate step of realizing I'm here to STAY.

So,  with being busy settling into our delightful new home, (which I'm sure will be the subject of many photographs yet to come as it is so pretty and I'm in love with it..) rummaging and pottering around merrily, I have not yet been out and about for extensive photo shoots. However, I'm not pressuring myself at all. For now, I am enjoying myself and the company of family to the fullest. There is all the time in the world...



It feels great blogging again! And I'm eager to pick up the pace! 
So much for now! 

I am sending all my lovely people in good ol' Switzerland lots & lots of love! 
Wishing you the loveliest of days, 


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