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The colour palette of my week #1.

Hello Lovelies,

As I explained in a recent post I'm introducing a new series of posts to home.town.treasure.! I  have called this first one "The colour palette of my week"-series. Each new post will feature a selection of my photographs that match a colour scheme I have created. The photographs are snippets of inspiration I'll have collected, discovered or created. I have chosen to post this series every Wednesday. I like the middle. Being the middle child in my family, I've always felt very comfy there! So, seeing as this series is a collection of images that will evolve throughout my week, the middle seems like a good place to position it. In addition, this (pleasurable) mid-week deadline will hopefully add some extra Umpf to this thing!
I do hope you enjoy it! And I would really love to know what you think...! 

Rumor has it, that here in Oz winter is lurking just around the corner, however, this beautiful abundance of blossoms seem determined to give the cold and dreary months a run for their money..! Which, incidentally, suits me just fine as my season are all hickledipickldy anyhow...! Happy spring everyone! 

I hung my lovely vintage polka dot blouse out to dry the other day. J'adore!

A shot from my trip to Berlin. I took it with my Zenit. There's something so mischievous about shadows... cheeky things!

Hello pretty (IKEA) reading light! Decorating our new flat has been such a delight. 
Let it be known that I officially am a "nester"... By definition a nester is someone who needs to make/create a perfect home (i.e. nest)  to feel content & happy (i.e. thoroughly clucky). This is usually achieved by decorating & arranging any given space in a fashion that makes the nester feel comfy and fills his/her heart (i.e. feathered breast) with joy & love (i.e. an irrepressible desire to lay... whatever takes her fancy).  Luckily my sister is the queen of "nesters" (i.e. Her Royal Highness of the Triple C Order, First Degree (= Chief Clucker Chook)... Hence, she/we have been "nesting" away merrily! Join the roost! 

The "nesting" continues: Don't you agree that curtains just make a room come together? My darling mum made me this set of perfect off-white ones. I wake up every morning and love them!

Here's another great aspect of Aussie life:  frankie magazine! YES!
My dear sister used to send me the latest issue all the way to Switzerland. Now, without me having to stress her to pleeeease send me the next one, I can devour them at my leisure and soak up all the inspirational stories, personalities & art! And poor sis' can...relax! 

Australian flora is so wonderful! And I have a strong suspicion that it will be the subject of many photographs to come... at least until the initial magic begins to dwindle and I inevitably start to get used to everything new & splendid. These little bottle-brush blossoms are very very much "Australia" to me. They were my favorite flower when I was a little girl. Again, it's almost winter but these darlings don't seem to mind. Neither do I!

And lastly I would like you to behold this fantasticly golden (swiss!) fish. He lives in a pond in a park in the heart of Zurich. I payed him many a visit just to watch him swim elegantly around his home, quite unfazed by the mirky water, scales a-glimmering in the sunshine...I shall miss him!


lovelovelove to you all! 

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