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The colour palette of my week #2.

Down the road from our flat there's a perfectly lovely park. I discovered it on one of my walks through the neighborhood. It has a small playground, a couple of benches, some very majestic trees and a magnificent ocean view that makes me want to sit and dwell on light & breezy thoughts! Yes, I believe I have discovered my very own hot-spot for balmy (summer) evening picnics! Mhmm...

Another glorious view is the one from our very own home, my bedroom and our work atelier actually! It overlooks the larger of the two local parks which means it's all very green & calm. I captured a little bit of it with my Zenit! How lucky are we? Waking up to the sounds of birds & rustling trees (well ok,  there might be the odd howling of sirens & the distant rumble of cars but you get the general idea, I'm sure!).

Let me introduce you to my skin-care salvation: GROWN.
Since I have been using these all natural & organic products my skin has been ..."under control"! (Exception: when my overall stress levels reach awful heights and just for kicks my skin decides to get in on the action switches to general melt down mode...! Arrgh!)
Anyhow, I worship these products: they smell like a walk through a royal botanical garden, they feel amazingly soothing on my skin and heal any irritations. Bonus: as they are a product of Australia I now can get them at any larger department store or chemist. Hallelujah!
Oh, and don't they just look so pretty?

I have never owned a Bonsai. Rumor has it they are a tad high-maintenance! So, I've always been too afraid of the challenge of caring for one. Previous, far less ominous undertakings didn't exactly boost my green thumb's confidence levels. My pot plants have been known to mysteriously die on me after a mere two or three weeks. It must be something in the water...surely! However, having said all that, these pretty little examples at a Sydney market tempted me to give my floral flair another chance... no day like today, right?

This leather sensation is a family heirloom. It was made by our great-grandfather for our dear Nanna. I simply can't get over the stunning craftsmanship in the leather work. Are those genes locked up in my DNA somewhere? I sure hope so! 

Green green grass, how I love thee! So green, I want to roll in it, sleep in it or even LIVE in it! But for now I'll just sit in it.

Speaking of lovely green goods, here's one of my latest (wardrobe) treasures: a pair of high-waisted plaid shorts from the lovely etsy shop  closetcaseVintage.
May they lead the way to all things green! Take me to the grass, the hills and far beyond...
Green things are good things, methinks. 



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