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Feathers, bones & minerals part I.


Ok, so I skipped this week's "colour palette" - post. Let me just say:  It didn't quite work out this week...
But Instead I have a series of photographs I took yesterday.
I spontaneously decided to visit the Australian Museum of Natural History. By the time I arrived there was only one hour left before closing-time. That meant the museum was pretty much deserted. I saw four or five other people during my entire tour through cabinets of natural mineral stones, birds, (real) bugs & remnants of dinos. 
The last time I visited a natural history museum I was a young teenager. I don't know why I never visited the one in Zurich more often. I really enjoyed the timeless education of it a lot. And I do love animals and their extraordinary beauty & mystique...


A quick blog-update to finish:
You might have noticed some layout changes. I'm currently remodeling home.town.treasure's look & adding a couple of new features.
I've been following other blogger's tumblr feeds regularly and have been enjoying the diversity of it immensely. Until now, I thought I didn't know enough about it and also found no reason to be running two blogs simultaneously. But, hey, it's never to late to wisen up: Today I signed up! I've decided to use my tumblr. for inbetween photographs, moments, snippets of inspiration and things that make me happy. By "inbetween" I mean all those bits & pieces that would not necessarily be granted the luxury of a regular blog post. Or those that hover and glow in our great sphere of little and personal things but don't fit the mold of a specific blog post. 
Well, I'll see how it goes...

You can have a look at it here
If you have a tumblr I'd love you to leave the link in the comments!


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