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Music box: Evenings.

Hello Lovelies!

Here's a laid-back tune for a sunday afternoon.
I've had a rather busy week. There are so many things I have to organize and get done to kick-off my new life here. So, little by little I'm ticking off the list. Also, I've been out and about job hunting and have a couple of very cool things lined up. With a bit of luck one of them will work out! (Keeping my fingers crossed..!)
But apart from all the hustle & bustle I've also begun to feel more "at home" here in Sydney. My new life has been good (this positive equation does not include the weather!).
Living with my sister has been the best part of it so far and we've been working on some great ideas. I'll fill you in when the time's right..!

So back to the music: I love the video to this song: the spirit, the colours, the people...
I hope you enjoy it as well!

"Babe" from Evenings on Vimeo.


Have a lovely sunday! 


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