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Postcards from the past.


It's been a bit too long since my last post! I encountered some trouble with blogger.com! Maybe my Macbook decided to sabotage my blogging or perhaps the server was playing up due to maintenance... Anyhow, all is well again and I'm glad to be able to get back to posting. 

So, here's just a little piece about small things that bring joy to me and bare walls: old postcards. 
When I was out & about at the thrift stores in Zurich I would end up in the paper-section going through endless boxes of mostly very old postcards. A somewhat dusty and trying task but always with a pleasurable outcome... a selection of colorful & fabulously diverse postcards.  A seemingly small delight but when sprinkled throughout our flat, they never cease to brighten the place with their delicate nostalgia and put a wistful smile on my face! 


à bientôt!

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