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Time on my hands.

Hello my Lovelies, 

Sydney life has been very good to me so far. The city is slowly unfolding, willing me to venture out and carefully explore my new surroundings more and more. 
My daily rhythm is still rather slow & easy going as I am neither working nor started any serious projects yet. That leaves me with a lot of time to just "be" and enjoy myself... a luxury I am embracing because I know that hectic times are just around the corner! (...bring em' on!) I am determined to face them with joy & positivity no matter how intimidating they might seem. Life just feels bright & colourful at the moment and it would be silly of me not to channel that energy into being active. So let's get cracking! I most sincerely hope that you, too, have experienced this feeling of wanting to embrace every bit of each day... because it feels so GOOD!

Ok, moving on from the mental pep talk...

Here are some casual shots from my first roll of film taken in Sydney with my Zenit. Most of them were taken while strolling around. I've particularly been enjoying the buildings all around my new neighbourhood. Most houses in the area where we live, including ours, were built during or inspired by the so called "Art Deco" era - a very specific style of architecture that appeals to my taste greatly. As I learnt, the brick facades, as you can see in the photographs, are quite typical for the style and I'm loving the look...


On a more general note I've decided to structure my blog a little more. To achieve this I'll introduce some post-themes that are designed to be revisited on a weekly basis. I'd like to follow these threads of inspiration over time and give them the chance to evolve, play and weave a silky sail of ideas...I hope you'll join me on this journey.
More on the subject very soon...

Wishing you all a smooth start into the new week! 

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