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Calm, like rocks.

The other day I walked down to the beach to just have a sit & clear my head from things that needed to be thought over and then be put in the "thought about / ready for action"-compartment of my mind. I had my Canon A1 on me so after a good deal of thinking and staring out towards the endlessly vast horizon (please excuse that esoteric way of putting it) I decided to take a brake and got down on my hands & knees to take some random shots... of rocks. There's something calming & soothing about rocks. And sand also for that matter. Especially when you are trying to sooth a frenzied mind.

Unfortunately, the colours didn't quite come through as I had hoped in the developed pictures, which is a shame, as the late afternoon light was so beautiful, enhancing the shapes & patterns on the rocks.
Well, I'll have to work on that!
No, dear Canon A1, I will not be giving up on you any time soon...

(Thank you self-shadow! You just had to be included in this shot didn't you?)



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