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Movie treasures: Ondine.

Hi Lovelies,

The other day I realized I've never done a post about movies. I don't know why I've never written about them because I'm a serious movie-junkie! Always have been. And also, I can sometimes find a great amount of inspiration in a good movie. Thus, I have added this new post category.
Although I enjoy various genres I do tend to be drawn to movies with a well-told, meaningful story and a certain feel & look.
So, it was that I found myself absolutely loving the movie I'm about to share with you.

I've always been intrigued by stories about the sea & the creatures that live in it and particularly fairy tales involving mermaids have always captured my imagination in their tangled nets of magic. There's just something so mysterious about the vastness of the sea & the hope of unknown secrets hidden deep below the surface that stir something profound in me. I dont recall ever having seen a good and for that matter, meaningful movie about the myth & magic of mermaids. Most of them don't seeks to tell a story beyond the glittery magic of a fish tale, a pretty girl with long hair & a landsman (exempt from this is of course the all-time favourite that Disney Pictures created back in 1989..! Can't help loving that one for ever!).
The movie Ondine does exactly what I have always hoped for... it weaves a tale of merfolk with meaning, magnificence and a touch of magic all in one. Set against the misty & rough, yet whimsical coast of Ireland we follow the story of a fisherman who one day catches a mysterious woman in his nets. As the plot thickens we are forced to face the trials & tribulations of small-town life,  the cruel fate of illness, the hardship that comes with a life at sea & the courage to sometimes abandon reason and invest in hope against all odds.
It was made in 2009 so it's not new, but neither are the Brothers Grimm and I think we all agree that they are anything but outdated...
Below are a couple of my favourite stills... a special mention should go to the (australian) cinematographer Christopher Doyle...what a treat.


"Ondine" is definitely a movie I'll be adding to the list of my favorites ..! The authentic performances of the cast are enhanced by a gorgeous soundtrack... Amongst others, "Ondine" features beautiful music by Sigur Ros which, for me, just adds the sprinkle of stardust that goes with all true magic! 


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