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Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Hello Lovelies, 

The past two weeks have revealed a couple of exciting new things. Although the somewhat tiring search for a job continues other things have been making my life joyous & positive. 

Firstly,  I have enrolled in a basic photography course at the Australian Centre of Photography and attended my first class last week. It was so good I didn't want it to end. The simple fact I was learning about things I'm so hungry to learn about catapulted my mood to a fabulous high that's been lasting and lasting...
The course outlines the basics of manual photography aiming to teach you there's more to (SLR-) photography than just the "auto" setting. It's also the course you need to complete to be able to enroll in the more advanced & specific courses the ACP offers!
We get an assignment each week and I'm so eager to learn about techniques, theory and the art of photography and to discuss my work and the work of others in class. At this point I feel like a sponge soaking up every bit of knowledge I possibly can. 

Until now I've had a very intuitive approach to photography. Perhaps trusting feelings more than knowledge and relying on certain habits and circumstances. So, I really want to use this course to brake free of what I think I like and actually observe why I like what I like and try to step out of my creative comfort zone by trying new things. I already feel I'm approaching photography differently than before the course. 
I'll share some of my results here as I go along...  

I don't often post photographs of myself here now. But I guess this too is all about stepping out of my comfort zone... 
Here's an attempted self-portrait using only available light. Admittedly, I've always been a little afraid of shooting self-portraits. Not quite trusting myself to let go of expectations and wanting to achieve an honest result without quite knowing what I want the photograph to feel like. Well,  I've begun to explore that process now... And I am keen on taking that journey. 

Trust, practise & shoot, shoot, shoot - that's my new motto.  


I do have a few other exciting little things I'd like to share with you! But I think that's enough for one post.
I'll be back with more very soon!

Take care lovelies & have a great start into the week!

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