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Rollei Retro part I.

Hi Lovelies,

I find I go in phases when it comes to choosing the film I want to shoot with. Lately I've been using mostly AGFA vista colour film. A while back I purchased a couple of rolls of Rollei Retro 400 & Fuji Neopan black & white film, which has been laying around ever since, looking somewhat forlorn sitting on the (fridge) shelf...but I seem to have to be in the right "mood" to shoot back & white film as I tend to want to choose my subjects more carefully to get an interesting shot. Perhaps I feel it's a more "precious" medium to shoot with and shouldn't be "wasted". So, it's just a bit more convenient to have a roll of colour film loaded in my camera while I'm out & about, on my way to work or running errands for when I want to whip out my camera to capture something spontaneously. And at the end of the day colour film & the processing of it is quite a bit cheaper too...who are we kidding here...?!

But I think I'm finally in the right kind of "head space" to focus a bit more on b&w. Having said that, this shift in energy could possibly also just be put down to the simple fact that it's winter here in Sydney and everything is mostly damp and dull... grayscale anyone? However, who'd have thought that perpetual drizzle could trigger genuine inspiration...? Well, here goes! Color who? Talk to me when everything is back in blossom, vibrant & alive until then, sing me a melancholy blues in b(&w) flat...! 

Below are some results from a little trip to the BIG city.


I have a couple more photographs from this first roll to share with you. So till then... 


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