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bright white light.

Here are a handful of images from my last roll of film I took with my Canon A1. Looking back over the result, I see that I've been drawn to light and bright colors / tones in particular, perhaps because at this point I'm just so anxious for spring and summer to finally warm up the days & nights. I'm desperate to start wearing light & breezy clothes, have pic-nics in the park & sit outside eating mint & choc chip ice cream on a warm balmy night. 



Herbal house..

I'm so happy that my sister and I finally created a much anticipated small herb garden on our kitchen & living room windowsills. We now are the proud growers of sultry sage, bouncy basil, ornamental oregano, riveting rosemary, pearly parsley, crisp coriander, munchable mint & a cheeky chili plant! They are still in dire need of a little tender love & care before we can sprinkle our lives with a little extra flavour, however, simply having their fresh green scent filling our flat is a true delight!

I took these pictures with my Canon A1. I dare say we are becoming friends...



Music box: oscar + martin.

These boys have been at the top of my playlist all week...

Oscar + Martin - "Recognise" (Dir: Josh Aylett and Mahmood Fazal) from two bright lakes on Vimeo.

You can find more of their tunes HERE.

Wishing you all a lovely sunday! 


California Select # I.

Hi Lovelies,

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that I'm currently working at the American Apparel Store here in Sydney. You might also know about AA's Vintage label California Select.
So recently it came about that I was able to take part in a little shoot for the weekly style-up that gets uploaded to the "California Select Vintage"  blog!

Alexandra Ward
(check out her music & blog!!) 


It was good fun and the girls rocked the styling & posing! I mean, it's takes some serious coolness to A.) create a look with tutus & leather and then B.) pull it off in broad day light..!
If you like you can see some more photos of our shoot over at  the california select blog!


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