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Introducing: frankie & Buzz.

Hello Lovelies, 

Finally the time is right to share some exciting news with you!
Since arriving here in Sydney my sister Shannon & I have been working on creating our own little  business: frankie & Buzz - vintage inspired designs. 
It's also the main reason I have been neglecting my blog so terribly for a while now. It seems that there simply aren't enough hours in my day...!
But with our combined efforts we have finally managed to get frankie & Buzz. ready to be presented to the big wide world. And this makes us very, very happy indeed. 

It all started with some small yet daring ideas whilst huddled up on the couch on a cold winters night back home in Switzerland. And from then on the dream of bringing frankie & Buzz. to life has lingered with us. As it goes, geographical distance and the many 22'000km of obstacles in the way meant that frankie & Buzz. remained just that, a distant notion...until now!
So, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce our very first jewelry collection which we will be officially launching this month. We've worked hard to create a brand and design a first collection that represent both our aesthetics & the morals we stand for. Thus, it is dear to our hearts to send out the following message with our precious pieces: 

"frankie & Buzz is committed to a life lived with a large heart and a small environmental footprint. Our designs are based on the idea of reviving and reinventing recyclable materials, giving a second, third or fourth life to objects that are no longer usable in their intended capacity but far from the end of their adventure. We believe that with age comes history and with history comes beauty, the story we tell and the identity we forge. 
It is our dearest hope that our pieces might become a tiny part of your world, an embellishment, an expression of your vision – something precious with a past and a future. "

We will be opening our own etsy shop very soon. Additionally we would love to be able to become stall holders at local markets & events. 
All in all, we're working at top speed to get everything in place within the next two weeks. So do bare with us!  But in the meantime you can alway have a sneak peak at our website or stay up to date via our facebook page and we sincerely value any feedback you might have.  
Here's to hoping that frankie & Buzz. will be a way of connecting with you through the mutual dream of peaceful beauty. 

For now, we've got our work cut out for us, but we are loving every step of this fun and inspiring journey & most of all, we would love you to be a part of it!


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