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An interim and a lighthouse.

Hello blogsphere!

Well as life would have it, poor little home.town.treasure has been quite literally on hold for some weeks now. Perhaps it was an accumulation of slightly more extraordinary events here in my real world that shook up my already turbulent reality, which coupled with a somewhat petulant form of "bloggers block" that simply made it necessary for me to take a brake from posting... an interim which has lasted a little longer than intended...so be it.
The good news is, that although my future posts were politely advised to remain quietly seated on the dusty sidelines of this playing field, my joy of taking pictures has been ever fervent and keeping up with my topsy turvy life quite effortlessly...  and so my camera continued to accompany me every where I went.
As this blog has a fair bit of catching up to do, I will be rewinding time for a little while, which in cybersphere is hardly even worth a mention, because here it is our privilege to bend and splice so easily the very fabric of life and time as we please. So, for a while, I will be posting photographs from late twothousandeleven.

My dear friend Esther visited me from over seas for christmas & new years. It was a wonderful and revitalizing time. And a trip up to a Sydney light house was one of many lovely things we did together.


I do love the double edged sword of charm and lure, the sailor's catch 22, that emanates from light houses.  On this particular day the bright blue sky was a perfect contrast to the beaming white of the light house -  clean beauty, high above the dark, roaring waves. 


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