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Cocktoo Island part I.

Over the past months I have been lucky enough to have two of my friends visit me from home.
Beginning of February Ela stayed with my sister and I for nearly two weeks. It was such a joy having someone to show around my new city and to introduce to little snippets of the Sydney lifestyle.
Apart from taking her to lots of little hot spots, I did enjoy ticking off the "main" sights aswell. They are pretty big & impressive after all. We swissies can't help ourselves.

One afternoon we caught the ferry to Cockatoo Island. I had never visited the island either so it was just as exciting for me as it was for Ela.
It was a beautiful afternoon and the the ferry ride alone was a worth while venture. The perspective from the water is always great because you get to see all the lovely, secret in between bits of the coastline that you'd never see if you caught a train or even drove along it.

Here are the pictures from the ride over, the first part of the afternoon, which I shot on my Canon A1.

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