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Au Revoir ZENIT part I.

The following series of photographs is dedicated to my first Zenit B camera which I have treasured greatly since the day we met so many moons ago. However, I am sorry to report that in recent weeks it has suffered a slow yet constant decline from excellence due to some major technical issues. When recently the day finally came on which it bowed its weary head and stepped off its pedestal as my number 1 camera for good, it was with a heavy heart yet much gratitude that I placed in in a worthy spot in the cabined among my other has-been favorites and loyal friends passed. After all, one mustn't forget just how old it actually is and what it has seen in its lifetime, let alone the toils and tribulations it has been put through whilst slung firmly over my shoulder! Let it be remembered that it snapped it's last shot with defiant albeit defeated gusto. 

All the pictures bellow were taken with said infamous Zenit B in late 2011 and early 2012.

With regards to the prospect of a future sans Zenit... well, let me just say that the cost of getting my worthy companion fixed would amount to almost double the expense of replacing it... or should I say, retiring and relieving it with a worthy successor...

So, in memorandum, watch this space for a new generation of Zenit-errific celluloid making its debut here very soon...!

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