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Cockatoo Island part II.

This is the second batch of photographs I took on Cockatoo Island back in March.
As it was a weekday and rather late in the afternoon, the Island was pretty much deserted...although a eery at first, it was almost as though the silence in the desolate, dusty warehouses and on the weathered docks allowed the thumping, mechanical music of the late 20's industrial boom to echo all the more 
viscerally from the machinery and construction rigs of roaring times long gone.


Au revoir à l'été. Part I.

It's autumn now and a crisp chill has infused our Sydney air. However, knowing the icy and relentless european winters only too well, its australian counterpart hardly seems a proper fourth season at all. So really, there's not much to complain about. Besides, the cooler weather also brings its own charms with it, such as the steaming pots of tea shared whilst huddled around the heater and the daily fun of layering (summer!) clothes in ever new and thermally improved ways... seasonal apparel suddenly takes on a whole new meaning!

For now we'll still have plenty of sunny autumn days to enjoy, to spend sitting in parks, gardens and who knows, perhaps even on the beach, for truth be told, I don't mind swapping my swimsuit for jeans,  a chunky pullover and my fluffy scarf, as I think it actually adds to the sweet nostalgia of those hot summer days spent swimming at Clovelly and Gordons Bay with the ladies who swoon over  scones, spanish omelettes and fresh juice picnics.

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