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On the edge. Part I.

Last week Mimi, Coral & I headed south to Melbourne for a short but utterly exquisite road trip!
This was my first ever visit to Victoria and hence I was terribly exited! Imagine my despair when my Canon A1's film rewinder snapped off during the flight there...! Suffice it to say that I became very (!) selective with my shots as the count-down on the precious 36 exposures was on!
Luckily I found a trashy $10 Konica point & shoot camera at an op-shop. I had no idea how the pictures would turn out but at least I was happily snapping away once again.
So, below you'll find a mix of photographs from my Canon & from the Konica. Although the super bright flash gives the latter little plastic box away, I am pleased that these shots also have a charm of their own and aren't a complete waste of celluloid.
In the end, the most important thing are the memories of every magical moment we spent and so I'll take blurry & overexposed souvenirs over none at all any day... it sure was a trip to remember... for the beautiful places, but even more so for the beautiful faces.

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