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On the edge. Part II.

Part two of our Melbourne get-away: 
In two days we made it all the way down to the Twelve Apostles.  
We drove through sun, rain, stormy winds, mist and rainbows. Australia's richly diverse and all-round spectacular landscape which on this occasion included everything from the ocean to spectacular gorges, overgrown coastal cliffs, soothing forests to rolling hills & the tranquil valleys in between, left us no choice but to fall madly in love with it once again. 
There were just too many beautiful views & impressions to take in. I found myself staring out of the window completely preoccupied, absorbing the magical scenery.
We stopped along the way to explore luscious cow paddocks, collected wild flowers and drunk red wine and solved a staggering number of cross words.... nothing like a pic-nic cup of Pino Noir to spark a creative vocabulary! 

The night was spent in a cabin in a koala sanctuary....yes, a koala sanctuary! I know! Awesome, right?
As we drove from the gates down to the camp site we found ourselves squealing with joy every time we spotted a fluffy grey fur ball nestled high up among the juicy eucalyptus leaves! 

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