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pancakes & inflatables.

Here's a rather late 'New Years Day' post. We woke up to a hot summers day and Marissa made a stack of the best pancakes which we ate sitting on Mimi's sunny deck. Later we set off to Parsley Bay and spent the day floating on inflatables sipping cider, eating cheese on crackers and soaking up the sun.
It was (hang over) bliss & a pretty relaxed way to start the new year.


music box: WATERCOLOURS (part II.)

It's been a while since I have posted music on this blog. So, I think it's high time to get a tune on here again.
I came across this rad music video by Chelsea Jade aka WATERCOLOURS. I posted one of her music videos here before
Here's a quote about the video from her blog

"I pieced it together in my head by thinking of it ...as an exploration of a sculptural aesthetic...the elements of the sculpture being...everyday normal objects; chairs, clothes, light, people - especially Chelsea"

Please enjoy.


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