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the sea close by.

"The contrasting shoreline of Bournemouth on the English South Coast lends an evocative backdrop to Clara Paget’s reading of a passage from philosopher Albert Camus’ essay The Sea Close By, published by Penguin Classics in August. Shot by director and photographer Tom Beard, this visual interpretation of Camus’ text is part of the centenary celebrations of the Nobel Prize-winning writer’s birth."

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wake up.

Sleepy mornings and golden morning light.




Slowly but surely the temperatures are gradualy increasing, the day light lingers longer in the evening and the trees are sprouting delicate new leaves. I crave walks in the park again and I long for warm afternoons spent outdoor. Spring is creeping into Sydney and into my life.
I can smell the trees in my garden and I feel the morning sun on my face as I water the few flowers we own. Hopefully there will me many more in bloom soon.  

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